Mean Girls Names (Most Popular Ones)

Mean Girls Names (Most Popular Ones)
Written by English Oye

Mean Girls Names (Most Popular Ones)! What’s in a name? Apparently a lot, when it comes to girls. There are the popular ones that everyone seems to know, and then there are those mean names that no one ever wants to be called. We’ve gathered up the most popular Mean Girls names for you, so you can know what to avoid! Let us know which one is your favorite (or least favorite) in the comments below!

Name Meaning
 Piper one who plays pipes
 Gwen luck
 Yeganeh unique
 Heather flowering shrub
 Aiden fiery little one
 Rebecca captivating
 Okoye born on a market day
 Penny weaver
 Jessie he sees
 Tia happiness
 Amelie work
 Chelsea chalk landing place
 Alyssa extreme happiness
 Christina Christ’s follower
 Dana arbiter
 Lucy light
 Julie youthful
 Caitlyn pure
 Selma peaceful
 Zoe life
 Holly to prick
 Claire bright
 Khadijah premature
 Ginger fierce temperament
 Belle beautiful
 Blossom like a flower
 Annabelle lovable
 Annie grace
 Roz gentle horse
 Megan pearl
 Hannah grace
 Ramona hands that protect
 Jessica God beholds
 Juliet youthful
 Emily rival
 Dory God’s gift
 Olivia olive tree
 Erika eternal ruler
 Monica advisor
 Ianira enchantress
 Jill God’s child
 Veda wisdom
 Annette merciful
 Miranda admiration worthy
 Ellie my light is God
 Clover key
 Michelle Godlike
 Matilda strength
 Veronica victory
 Elizabeth God is abundance
 Alex defender
 Benny my right hand’s son
 Alicia noble natured


 Sidney wide meadow
 Laura crown
Alexandra to protect
 Jaclyn supplanter
 Mia mine
 Crystal brilliant glass
 Phoebe bright
 Lane small path or roadway
 Lilith night monster
 Aileen shining light
 Kayla crown
 Giselle bright pledge
 Joanna God is gracious
 Cady pure
 Nikki people’s victory
 Eli ascent
 Mindy sweet
 Regina queen
 Kym regal hill
 April to open
 Nicole victorious people
 Vada famous ruler
 Gemma precious gemstone
 Ashley ash tree meadow
 Tamera date palm


 Skylar noble scholar
 Jodie praised
 Anya grace
 Buttercup yellow wildflower
 Daria holder of the good
 Amanda much loved
 Sabrina patience
 Reggie advisor of the ruler
 Shosanna lily
 Sharon plain
 Natasha the birthday of the Lord
 Clarissa bright
 Debbie bee
 Darcy from the forest
 Shabina the storm’s eye
 Danielle my judge is God
 Jenny fair
 Stacey bountiful grapes
 Tracy fighter
 Lacia as tender as a lace
 Rose rose flower
 Helen shining light
 Marissa of the sea


 Kiara Little
 Charlotte free man
 Elle she
 Gertie strong spear
 Noni in law
 Shuri village
 Jennifer fair
 Gia gracious gift of God
 Kelly war
 Vivian life
 Synclaire pure
 Whitney white island
 Corey maiden
 Donna lady
 Enid spirit
 Kat pure
 Spinelli thorn bush
 Angela angel
 Bridget strength
 Lindsay island of Lind
 Poussey God’s blessings
 Caroline free man
 Justine righteous
 Hayley wood meadow
 Tasha Christmas born
 Linda beautiful


 Louise famed warrior
 Ofelia help
 Stephanie crown
 Coraline maiden
 Sarah princess
 Cher dear
 Aella whirlwind
 Sam name of God
 Rita pearl
 Lisa oath of God
 Diana divine
 Juno heaven’s queen
 Furiosa furiously
 Moira destiny
 Erin from Ireland
 Maria bitter



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