Common Mistakes of Writing Business Letter

7 Common Mistakes of Writing Business Letter

Writing a business letter is a task of great attention and focus. A little mistake can ruin every single effort. So be careful while writing a business letter. The use of formal English is a key thing while writing a business letter. Mostly the mistakes are related to the formatting of the letter or using informal language. In this article, I am going to provide you with 7 common mistakes of writing a business letter.

Informal language in a letter creates a very bad impact on the reader and that’s why it can greatly impact your business. That’s why we must have to make sure that the tone of the letter is formal and formatting is correct. In this, we are going to discuss the most common mistakes related to business letters.

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Most Common Mistakes of Writing Business Letters

Here are the seven blunders to avoid while writing a business letter in English:

Common Mistakes of Writing Business Letter

1. Incorrect Spellings

This is another common mistake while writing a business letter. The best thing about this mistake is that it can be easily avoidable. There are hundreds of proofreading software available that can proofread your article.

Grammarly is one of the best platforms to proofread your document. Not only incorrect spelling it can also analyze the incorrect usage of grammar. Incorrect spellings and typo errors basically show that you are not serious about the business or deal and that is why it can result in a big loss.

Due to a single typo error or spelling mistake, people often discredit the entire letter, so the best way is to read the entire body of the letter thoroughly before sending it.

2. Leftover Template Examples

If you are using a template you have to make sure to remove all the non-necessary details from the letter. It is a most common mistake to forget to delete the sample information from the template.

If you are using a template you have to be more careful. While using a template you have to remove all the non-necessary details. If by mistake any nonsense thing or the sample information were leftover you and your business will be in biggest lose.

So it is always best practice to make sure that everything that you have presented in the letter is useful and to the point and garbage of the sample letter was removed.

3. Unprofessional Formatting

Formatting a letter is the very first thing to consider. Business letters are basically for the purpose of the business deals and the formatting of those letters should be perfect. As it says the first impression is the last impression. So the formatting is the very first impression and that is why you have to make sure to provide the best first impression.

How to format your letter in the right way can be a problem. Because for every firm, the format of the letter is a bit different, so to make sure that you are following the correct format you should have to check the format of business letters related to your firm on the internet. You can also use the format of the sample letter written by a trusted colleague.

The most common formal letter has a date at the top and is followed by the address of the firm or company. Make sure that the paragraphs of the letter are well spaced and the margins are correct. Use professional fonts like Arial or Calibri light to create a professional impact on the reader.

4. Forgetting an Attachment

This is the most embarrassing mistake related to business letters. Never forget to attach an attachment demanded by the organization or were promised during the deal. It is quite embarrassing to send a second email with an apology.

This also leaves a bad impact on the reader and it shows how careless the sender is. The best way to avoid this mistake is to attach the attachment before writing the body of the letter.

5. Using Informal Language

The most embarrassing mistake is the use of informal language in business letters. A business letter should always be written in the formal language which is the polite business language.

An informal behavior or informal language shows that you have no ethics about business. Try to have a list of formal and informal words and use formal vocabulary words in place of informal words to avoid any disturbance.

There are hundreds of good formal informal lessons available on the internet that you can use to learn the formal language and later use it in the letter. For example, you can use enquire in place of ask, however in place of but, etc. to provide a formal behavior.

6. Writing Too Many Idioms

Idioms are not a formal language, mostly idioms are informal. So to avoid any disturbance make sure to avoid using idioms in business letters. Business letters must be informal language and that’s why avoid using informal language in your business letters.

Idioms are good to use in conversation with your friends and family, but while writing a formal business letter you have to keep the tone formal and use expressions that are appropriate for your business.

7. Casual Greetings & Closings

It is the most common mistake while writing a business letter. Greetings and closing should be an informal way while writing business letters. Informal greetings are for informal letters to friends and family.

The greeting is very important while writing a letter and most of the business letter comes out the have an informal greeting which is very annoying. Try to avoid the informal greetings that you use with your friends and family.

You should use a formal greeting at the beginning and avoid using informal greetings like Hi, Hye at the beginning of that letter. Rather you can use Dear followed by the name of the person.

Business letters are totally different from informal letters, so try to always use a formal letter template to avoid this kind of mistake.

The ending of the business letter should also be in a formal way. You should simply use the sincerely, or Best regards followed by a comma at the end of the letter.