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MS Office Shortcut Keys
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MS Office Shortcut Keys | Word, Publisher, Access, Outlook! In Office, there are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts, but these are the most important ones to learn because they will save you a lot of time. Keyboard shortcuts are a wonderful way to increase efficiency, and any computer user should know the most significant ones. After all, you never know when you’ll need to use only your keyboard to navigate Windows.
Here is a collection of commonly used shortcut keys for Microsoft Office that can help you get things done faster. MS Word employs the Ctrl key, as well as another alphabet key, for shortcuts on Windows. The most useful Microsoft Office shortcut keys can be used for a variety of tasks. MS Office shortcut keys in a list.

MS Word Shortcut Keys

CTRL+SHIFT+N Apply the Normal style
CTRL+SHIFT+W Underline word but not spaces
CTRL+SHIFT+K Format letters as small capitals
CTRL+SHIFT+T Reduce a hanging indent
CTRL+SHIFT+H Apply hidden text formatting
CTRL+SHIFT+S Apply a style
CTRL+SHIFT+Q Change the selection to the symbol font
CTRL+SHIFT+V Paste Formats
CTRL+SHIFT+P Change the font size
CTRL+SHIFT+E Track changes
CTRL+SHIFT+D Double Underline text
CTRL+SHIFT+M Remove the paragraph indent from the left
CTRL+SHIFT+F Change the front
CTRL+SHIFT+L Apply the List style
CTRL+SHIFT+C Copy Formats


MS PowerPoint Shortcut Keys

Alt+ HandL Select side layout
CTRL+ C/ CTRL+ X/ CTR+ V Copy, cut and paste shapes
Alt+ NandP Insert picture
CTRL+ Shift+ C Copy shape attributes
CTRL+ Resize Click Resize from center
Alt+ NandW Insert word art
Alt+ NandJ Select object
CTRL+ Shift+ V Paste shape attributes
Alt+ NandX Insert textbox
CTRL+ Shift+ J Regroup shape
CTRL+ Shift+ H Ungroup shape
Alt+ GandH Select theme
CTRL+ Alt+ Click Straight line by curve tool
Alt+ NandSandH Insert shape
CTRL+ Shift+ G Group shape


MS Publisher Shortcut Keys

CTRL+U For underline
CTRL+ Shift+ K Small caps
ALT+ F6 Bring object to front
CTRL+ Shift+ = Subscript
CTRL+ SHIFT+ G Group selected objects
CTRL+ = Superscript
ALT+ SHIFT+ F6 Send object to back
CTRL+ I For italic
CTRL+ Shift+ > Increases the font size
CTRL+ Shift+ P Accesses to the font size menu
CTRL+ B For bold text
CTRL+ Shift+ < Decreases the font size
CTRL+ Spacebar Remove all style formats of the highlighted text
CTRL+ Shift+ f Accesses to the font menu


MS Excel Shortcut Keys

CTRL+ Shift+ F Opens the drop-down menu for fonts
Shift+ Home Highlights all text to the left of the cursor
CTRL+ Tab Move between two or more open Excel files
CTRL+ Shift+ F6 Moves to the previous worksheet window
CTRL+ End Move to the last cell on the worksheet
Shift+ Insert Pastes what is stored on the clipboard
CTRL+ Shift+ P Opens the drop-down menu for point size
CTRL+ Shift+ F12 Prints the current worksheet
CTRL+ Shift+ O Selects all of the cells that contain comments
CTRL+ Shift+ Spacebar Selects the entire worksheet
CTRL+ Spacebar Selects the entire column
CTRL+ Shift+ A Inserts argument names into a formula
CTRL+ Home Move to cell A1
CTRL+ Shift+ Tab Activates the previous workbook
CTRL+ Enter Fill the selected cells with the current entry


MS Outlook Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+ Shift+ H Delete the next word
Ctrl+ Q Remove paragraph formatting
Ctrl+ Shift+ L Add bullets
Ctrl+ K Insert a hyperlink
Ctrl+ Shift+ P Display the font dialog box
Ctrl+ T or Ctrl+ Shift+ T Create/reduce a hanging indent
Ctrl+ Shift+ S Apply styles
Ctrl+ L or Ctrl+ R Left/Right align a paragraph
Ctrl+ Shift+ J Stretch a paragraph to fit between the margins
Ctrl+ Shift+ K Format letters as small capitals
Shift+ F3 Switch case(selected text)
Ctrl+ Shift+ Z or Ctrl+ Space Clear formatting
Alt+ O Display the format menu
Ctrl+ T or Ctrl+ Shift+ T Increase Decrease indent
Ctrl+] or Ctrl+ Shift+ > Increase font size


MS Access Shortcut Keys

F2 Display complete hyperlink
F5 Move the record number box
Shift+ Arrow Up Decreases height
CTRL+ F2 Invoke builder
Shift+ Arrow Down Increases height
Alt+ F4 Exit access 16
Alt+ Enter Display property sheet
Shift+ F2 Open the zoom box
F7 Check spelling
Arrow Up/ CTRL+ Arrow Up Move to up
Arrow Left/ CTRL+ Arrow Left Move to left
Shift+ Arrow Left Decreases width
Arrow Down/ CTRL+ Arrow Down Move to down
Shift+ Arrow Right Increases width
Arrow Right/ CTRL+ Arrow Right Move to right


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