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my first day at college essay
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My First Day at College Essay, This essay is specifically designed for matric, 1st Year, and 2nd Year students. Below is the 1000 Words essay “My first day at college”. It is a very important essay and it usually comes up in exams.

My First Day at College – 1000 Words Essay

Every student school journey dreams of attending college. It’s a wonderful time for learning, fun, independence, and companionship. The sweet recollections of college are simply incredible. They leave an indelible mark on human memory.

The allure and beauty of college life cannot be overstated. Every moment spent is always worthwhile to live, appreciate, and remember. The first day of college life is one that we will never forget.

“A New place and a New Life with a New lifestyle.”

Every student’s first day at college is truly unique and memorable. We are more impressed by the first of something. That is why we rarely forget our first love, our first achievement, or our first acquaintance. Similarly, we cannot forget our first day of college, the day that marks the beginning of the shift from one life to the other. It keeps coming back to me with those strange but alive feelings, impressions, sights and noises.

My First Day at College

Finally, the matriculation examination results were announced, and I passed with flying colours. After I got outstanding scores on my school exams, there were a lot of excited and passionate talks over what courses to study and what college to attend. I decided to enrol in Government College, which was my city’s largest college. My older sibling and family had told me many anecdotes about college life. They believe that college is not as severe as high school. I was giddy with anticipation, inner joy, and great expectations for a bright future. College life, I assumed, would be full of delights, and it was. College life is less regimented than school life.

I got up early on the first day of college since I was quite thrilled about the new experience. I prayed the Dawn Prayer before taking a hot bath and getting ready for college. Because of my excitement, I might even be able to eat breakfast. I felt as if I had entered a different universe the moment I walked into the college. For me, it was an entirely new universe. The college has a beautiful structure, beautiful playgrounds, and dedicated professors. Grand customs, proper etiquette, and a liberal environment made a significant difference in my life. My first day of college is always fascinating to me. My first day was a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience.

“My impressions of the first day at college are still fresh in my memory. It seems impossible to erase those Sweet memories.”

On September 1st, I awoke early, took a bath, and recited my prayers. My mother, on the other hand, was preparing breakfast for me. I hurriedly ate my breakfast and boarded the bus to college. I felt as if I had entered a different universe the moment I walked into the college. For me, it was an entirely new universe. The college has a beautiful structure, beautiful playgrounds, and dedicated professors. Grand customs, proper etiquette, and a liberal environment made a significant difference in my life. My first day of college is always fascinating to me. When I arrived at the college’s gate, some of the college’s senior students were already there. Some of them were in a good mood and wanted to play tricks on the newcomers.

They’d devised their own schemes to entice the newcomers to engage in odd behaviour. However, in order to dodge their practical jokes, we agreed to act as a group. Some of the more senior members approached us with arrogance. Because they were many, they quickly subdued us. They required us to perform bizarre tasks such as singing stupid tunes and pulling monkey pranks. My feeling of self-respect prevented me from acting in accordance with their wishes. Nonetheless, they compelled me to follow their demands. I was embarrassed, but I handled it gracefully.

My First Day at College Essay

Meanwhile, a senior college professor stepped in to help us. He told the boys to gather in the hall, where the Principal would speak to them. We’d like to go to the hall. The students were addressed by the principal, who cautioned them not to get involved in politics at college. They should devote 100% of their focus to their academics and make every effort to achieve their objectives. Following that, a Professor walked us through our schedule and classrooms.

The first period was dedicated to English. We’d like to enter the classroom and take a seat on the benches. When a Professor walked into the room, the guys rose to meet him. He took our roll call and recorded the students’ names in his attitude book. He didn’t instruct us, but he gave us advice on how to live our lives in the future. He emphasised that we should not abuse our freedom here, but rather make full use of the opportunity to pursue our goals. After that, we walked to another room, where our Arabic teacher arrived. He gave a lecture on the value of the Arabic language and recommended we bring our books to class. On that particular day, there was no other period. So we’re going to the library to check out some newspapers.

We discussed our teacher’s lecture and determined to work extremely hard from the start in order to pass the examinations with flying colours. Then we exited the library, exchanged handshakes, and walked away. I rode the bus to get to my house. I discovered a significant difference between high school and college life. I came to the conclusion that liberty or freedom should not be abused in any way. At the end of the first day, I returned home. When I was returning home, all the memories of my first day at College came to my mind. It was like a film. It had fun and fear. I remembered all the happenings and reached home with a smile. I entered college to gain knowledge and wisdom and to become a good citizen. Thanks, Almighty Allah I got what I wished. I wrote my memories in a special notebook.

Finally, I can state that college life is a wonderful mix of experiences and memories. Every day in college, starting on the first day, was full of vivid occurrences. College is unquestionably an excellent phase of a student’s life.

“College life is such a lovely part of a student’s life!”

“Colleges are places where diamonds are dulled and stones are polished.”

“College life is more than a serious effort to obtain an education. Furthermore, college is a location where you may make friends and plan outings to the movies, the movies, and picnics.”

My First Day at College Essay Quotations

Below are 9 beautiful quotations that you can use to enlighten your essay.

  1. “No one can forget the charm of their first day at college. It is always fresh and motivating.”
  2. “The first day at college is always filled with new experiences and opportunities.”
  3. “I will never forget my first day at college. It was a turning point in my life.”
  4. “The first day at college is a new beginning. It is a chance to start afresh and make new friends.”
  5. “College is a great place to learn and grow. I am so excited to start my journey here.”
  6. “The first day at college is full of excitement. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my time here will be like.”
  7. “I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend college. I know it will be a transformative experience.”
  8. “The first day at college is a special day that I will always remember.”
  9. “I am looking forward to the many adventures that await me at college.”

my first day at college

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