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Names Of Islamic Months (English/Arabic/Urdu)

Names Of Islamic Months
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Names Of Islamic Months (English/Arabic/Urdu)! Living in a multicultural society, it is important to be familiar with different cultures and customs. This blog post will provide an overview of the Islamic months, including their English, Arabic, and Urdu names. Understanding the Islamic calendar can be helpful for those who are interested in learning about Islam and its traditions.

In Islam, there are twelve lunar months in a year. The months are based on sightings of the moon, so their dates may vary from year to year.

Names Of Islamic Months

Islamic Months

  English Name Arabic/Urdu Name
1.  Muharram محرم
2.  Safar صفر
3.  Rabi-ul-Awwal ربيع الأول
4.  Rabi-us Sani ربيع الثاني
5.  Jamadi-ul-Awwal جمادى الأول
6.  Jamadi-us-Sani جمادى الثاني
7.  Rajab رجب
8.  Shaban شعبان
9.  Ramadan رمضان
10.  Shawal شوال
11.  Zil-Qadah ذو القعدة
12.  Zul-Hijah ذو الحجة

Islamic Months (Infographics)


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