noun and its types with examples

Noun and its types with examples -All kinds of noun

Noun and its types with examples. Noun has 11 types here all the types are explained with examples. It is necessary to have an idea about these common types of noun. You can download pdf of these types of noun.

Noun and its types

What is Noun?

Noun can be defined as “A noun is naming a thing.” The name of a person, place or thing is called the noun. Fan, book, honesty, playground and football are the examples of noun.

What are 11 types of noun?

There are 11 types of noun. All these types are explained here with definitions and examples.

  1. Proper noun
  2. Common noun
  3. Collective noun
  4. Material noun
  5. Abstract noun
  6. Countable noun
  7. Uncountable Noun
  8. Singular Noun
  9. Plural Noun
  10. Compound Noun
  11. Concrete noun

Types of noun

  1. Proper Noun

What is proper noun? The name of a particular thing, place or a person is known as the proper noun. It cannot be used for another name.

Examples: Asia, America, Honda, Holy Quran, Bible etc.

  • Asia is considered the biggest continent.
  • America being a superpower have capability to fight with any opponent.
  • Honda is considered a well-known and reputed brand for automobiles.
  • The Sacred book for Muslims is Holy Quran.
  • The sacred book for Christians is Bible.

noun and its types with examples

  1. Common Noun

What is common noun? Common noun is defined as the name of a common person, place or thing. It can be used for another name.

Examples:  A Village, A boy, country, deer, sheep, flower, shop etc.

  • A village is a peaceful place in comparison to city.
  • A boy was drinking water in hot summer.
  • My elder brother has visited foreign country.
  • A deer fell to prey.
  • A herd of sheep was grazing.
  • She plucked a red flower for his girlfriend.
  • I am thinking to open a grocery shop.
  1. Collective Noun

The name of a group which is taken as a unit is known as the collective noun.

Examples: Army, Committee, Jury, Class, team etc.

  • Our army badly defeated the enemy.
  • The committee will decide the winner.
  • The jury decided to hang him.
  • Our class tour to northern areas was remarkable.
  • Our cricket team rock the playground.
  1. Material Noun

The name of material that can be used to make other things.

Examples: Flour, Plastic, Milk, Sand, Silver, Gold etc.

  • The flour was short in the market due to black hoarding.
  • Now a days, plastic is the raw material for basic things.
  • Milk is very beneficial to improve the health of our bones.
  • Sand is used in the construction of buildings.
  • I saw the silver spoon with Gold handle.


  1. Abstract Noun

The name of an invisible thing is known as abstract noun. The name of the quality, action or state of a noun.

Examples: Love, Joy, Pain, Sorrow, Laughter, Youth, Childhood, Advice, Information, work, Foolishness, Wisdom, Honesty, Pleasure etc.

  • Without love life is just like a man standing alone in desert.
  • If you want to live with joy keep helping others.
  • The pain of this dispatch was very heart touching.
  • Joy and sorrow are the part of our life.
  • Laughter is the best solution to get rid of depression.
  • Every one want to go back in childhood.
  • Her advice affect me badly.
  • We should not discuss something until we have all information.
  • Work is the key to success.
  • Don’t show foolishness at the everywhere.
  • Wisdom is the blessing of God.
  • Honesty pays its reward to man in his life.
  • It was pleasure to visit his home.

noun and its types with examples noun and its types with examples noun and its types with examples noun and its types with examples

  1. Countable Noun

Countable objects are considered countable noun.

Examples: Pen, Notebooks, Busses, Cars, Houses, Students, Balls, Candies etc.

  • When I joined school I bought five pens.
  • Yesterday, I lost my new notebook.
  • Government announced to launch fifty public busses.
  • This man has a collection of thirty cars.
  • He is the owner of 12 houses.
  • Due to cold there were only 10 students present.
  • Today, I will buy 8 balls.
  • I gave him a dozen of candies.
  1. Uncountable Nouns

The things that cannot be counted are known as uncountable nouns.

Examples: Milk, Sand, Water, Food, Snow, Rice, Bread etc.

  • This milk is made of powder.
  • This sand contains a lot of water.
  • He is living to enjoy food only.
  • When we visited Kashmir it was snow falling.
  • She cooks vegetable rice.
  • The taste of the bread was not fresh.
  1. Singular Noun

The noun which refers towards a single person, place, thing or an idea is called singular noun.

Examples: Cat, Dog, Monkey, Hero, tooth, man, woman etc.

  • I have black cat with silky hairs.
  • My dog obeys my words.
  • The monkey was eating banana.
  • You are the hero of our nation.
  • My tooth was paining.
  • Man and woman are the two wheels of a vehicle.
  1. Plural Noun

The noun which refers towards more than two persons, places, things or ideas is called plural noun.

Examples: Cows, Dogs, teeth, men, women, monkeys etc.

  • Cows gives us milk.
  • Dogs were barking in the street.
  • He cleaned his teeth but still smelling.
  • Men works hard to achieve their goals.
  • Women are always respectable.
  • I saw a group of monkeys that was sitting along the road.
  1. Compound Noun

The noun which is formed from two or more words. The meaning of the words forming a compound noun have often different meanings.

Examples: Bedroom, Motorcycle, Rainfall, Swimming pool, driving license, etc.

  • My bedroom was decorated on my first night.
  • I bought a new motorcycle but there are memories with older one.
  • As I stepped out the car there was rainfall.
  • I was enjoying with my wife in swimming pool.
  • My driving license has been expired.
  1. Concrete noun

The noun that you can smell, see, touch, taste and hear is considered concrete noun.

Examples: Niagara Falls, team, cookies, flower, music, bear, colony, tornado, milk, lotion, water, panther, sunset, cinnamon etc.

  • I bought a bouquet of flowers for her.
  • We visited Niagara Falls last year.
  • Our team visited Mount Everest.
  • I was listening to music but it was teasing me.
  • The beer was playing with his children.
  • This colony is very decent and all the people living here are civilized.
  • My body lotion was not moisturising.
  • She opened the tape and water was running out.
  • The scene of sunset in the desert is captivating.

noun and its types with examples noun and its types with examples noun and its types with examples kinds of noun kinds of noun kinds of noun

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