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One Word Substitution
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One Word Substitution | Asked in SSC, CSS, IBPS, UPSC! One of the most important components of vocabulary is a replacement. It merely means that a single word must be substituted for a sentence. To answer the questions correctly, you’ll need a decent vocabulary in this area. In numerous competitive tests, giving relevant one-word substitution is frequently asked. Here is a collection of 300+ One Word Substitutions that have been asked in competitive exams such as CSS, SSC, UPSC, IBPS, and others. To improve your exam preparation, expand your knowledge and acquire new words relevant to one-word substitution.

One Word Substitution List

Word Phrase
Posthumous A book published after the death of its author
Fratricide Murder of an brother
Convalescent One who is recovering from illness
Illegal That which is against law
Archaeology A study of ancient things
Eccentric One who has strange habits
Polygamy Practice of having several wives
Illegible A handwriting that cannot be read
Intestate One who dies without a Will
Egoist One who thinks only of himself
Bureaucracy A Government by the officials
Bilingual One who can speak two languages
Philanthropist One who loves mankind
Ethnology A study of races
Gullible One who is easily deceived
Transparent That through which light can pass
Carnivorous A flesh eating animal
Suicide Murder of self
Omniscient One who knows everything
Exonerate To free somebody from all blame
Patricide Murder of a father
Anarchist One who is out to subvert a government
Indescribable That which cannot be described
Homicide Murder of a human being
Omnipresent One who is present everywhere
Inimitable That which cannot be imitated
Biography A life history written by somebody else
Illiterate One who doesn’t know how to read and write
Volunteer  One who works for free
Orphanage A place where orphans live
Glutton One who eats too much
Colleagues People who work together
Autocracy A Government by one
Valetudinarian One who always thinks himself to be ill
Optimist One who looks on the bright side of things
Sacrilege Violating the sanctity of a church
Obsolete A thing no longer in use
Avaricious One who is greedy for money
Inevitable That which cannot be avoided
Idiosyncrasy A person’s peculiar habit
Agnostic One who doubts the existence of god
Contemporaries People living at the same time
Anthropology A study of man
Omnipotent One who is all powerful
Translucent That through which light can partly pass
Physiology A study of the body
Epicure One who is fond of sensuous pleasures
Opaque That through which light cannot pass
Draw A game in which no one wins
Regicide Murder of the king
Polyglot One who knows many languages
Delegate To transfer one’s authority to another
Democracy A Government by the people
Ventriloquist One who can throw his voice
Hypocrite One who pretends to be what he is not
Oligarchy A Government by the few
Fatalist One who believes in fate
Pessimist One who looks on the dark side of things
Epitaph Words written on the tomb of a person
Ambiguous A sentence whose meaning is unclear
Pauper One who has no money
Polyandry Practice of having several husbands
Predator An animal who preys on other animals
Stoic One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain
Indefensible That which cannot be defended
Aristocracy A Government by the Nobles
Mercenary One who can do anything for money
Bibliophile One who loves books
Honorary A position for which no salary is paid
Pedestrian One who goes on foot
Monogamy Practice of having one wife or husband
Ornithology A study of birds
Misogynist One who hates women
Mobocracy Rule by the mob
Anonymous A book written by an unknown author
Infanticide Murder of an infant
Celibate One who is unmarried
Improbable That which is not likely to happen
Monarchy A Government by a king or queen
Indefatigable One incapable of being tired
Immigrant One who lives in a foreign country
Pseudonym To write under a different name
Plutocracy A Government by the rich
Turncoat  One who changes sides
Cynic One who questions everything
Matricide Murder of a mother
Effeminate One who is quite like a woman
Insatiable That which cannot be satisfied
Herbivorous A grass eating animal
Plagiarist One who copies from other writers
Reticent One who speaks less
Etymology A study of derivation of words
Neophyte One who is a newcomer
Inimitable Something that cannot be imitated
Zoology A study of animals
Misanthrope One who hates mankind
Bigamy Practice of having two wives or husbands
Autobiography A life history written by oneself
Infallible One who does not make mistakes
Feminist. One who thinks only of welfare of women


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