Opposite Words List | Alphabetical List of 500 Opposite Words

Alphabetical List of 500 Opposite Words
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Opposite Words List | Alphabetical List of 500 Opposite Words

500 Opposite Words

What are the opposite words?

The words that are used to deny the meaning of any word are known as the opposite words of each other. As we know that the meaning of the opposite is different, or against etc.

Here is the list of most common and important opposite words that are very useful for those who want to speak English fluently.

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Alphabetical List of 500 Opposite Words

Opposite Words List  100 Opposite Words in English  50 Examples of Antonyms

Hungry Thirsty Free Arrest
Finish Start Here There
Often Seldom Ordinary Special
Front Near Daughter Son
Dull Interesting Complicated Simple
Cruel Human Exposure Shelter
Desperate Hopeful Absence Presence
Boy Girl In Out
Health Disease Busy Lazy
Alike Different Gentleman Lady
Clear Cloudy Emigrate Immigrate
Excited Calm Bad Good
Asleep Awake Amuse Bore
Compulsory Voluntary Different Alike
Beauty Ugliness For Against
Fail Succeed Better Worse
Accept Refuse Horizontal Vertical
Day Night Apart Together
High Low Fat Slim
Out In Center Outskirts
Empty Full Divorce Marry
Calm Excited Continue Interrupt
Angel Devil Guest Host
Increase Decrease Enjoy Hate
Dirty Clean Adult Child
Girl Boy Fortune Bad Luck
Foreground Background Defend Attack
Consonant Vowel Intentional Accidental
Over Under Divide Unit
FALSE TRUE Add Subtract
Annoy Satisfy Deep Shallow
Inside Outside Forget Remember
Distant Near Far Near
Foreigner Native Ceiling Floor
Hit Miss Hopeful Desperate
Catch Miss Insult Compliment
Active Lazy Constant Changeable
Begin End Ending Beginning
Go Come Good Bad
Death Birth Answer Ask
End Beginning Below Above
East West Damage Repair
Autumn Spring Future Past
Danger Security On Off
General Particular Ignore Notice
Broad Narrow All None
Cold Hot Early Late
Flat Hilly Exclude Include
Heaven Hell Clod Heat
Ill Healthy Break Fix
Allow Forbid Destruction Construction
Exit Entrance Heat Cold
Open Closed Attic Cellar
Devil Angel Fix Break
Give Take Cool Warm
Failure Success Big Small
Connect Separate Certainly Probably
Accidental Intentional Divorced Married
Outside Inside Enter Leave
Animal Human Guilty Innocent
Disease Health Host Guest
Innocent Guilty Approximately Exactly
Hilly Flat Advanced Elementary
Foreign Domestic Fear Courage
Careless Careful Interesting Boring
End Begin Forward Backward
Dead Alive Defense Attack
Before After Black White
Husband Wife Occupied Vacant
Clever Stupid Downstairs Upstairs
Old Modern Happy Sad
Cry Laugh Frequently Occasionally
Healthy Ill Everybody Nobody
First Final Artificial Natural
Full Empty Final First
Dusk Down Courageous Cowardly
Attack Defend After Before
Alive Dead Depart Arrive
Brave Coward Human Animal
Destroy Build Child Adult
Exciting Boring Down Up
Gentle Violent Huge Tiny
Amateur Professional Bitter Sweet
Order Mess Happiness Sadness
Die Live Even Odd
Dark Light Freeze Melt
Follow Lead Few Many
Export Import Occasionally Frequently
Hell Heaven Courage Fear
Background Foreground Cheap Expensive
Import Export Arrival Departure
Comedy Drama Afraid Brave
Build Destroy Deny Admit
Above Below Best Worst
Elementary Advanced Defeat Victory
Bottom Top Division Unity
Harvest Plant Antonym Synonym
Off On Fast Slow
Dry Humid Hopeless Hopeful
Friend Enemy Enemy Friend
Humid Dry Intelligent Dull
Agree Disagree Construction Destruction
Clean Dirty Form Destroy
Create Destroy Admit Deny
Finish Begin Grown-up Child
Descent Ascent Cellar Attic
Exactly Approximately Opponent Supporter
Ask Answer Brother Sister
Blunt Sharp Dangerous Safe
Children Parent Dictatorship Republic
Fresh Old Awful Nice
Everything Nothing Always Never
Find Lose Generous Mean
Against For Heavy Light
Odd Even Come Go
Hard Easy Immigrate Emigrate
Ascent Descent Easy Difficult
Humane Cruel Expensive Cheap
Drama Comedy Floor Ceiling
Cowardly Brave Beautiful Ugly
Departure Arrival Giant Tiny
Correct Wrong Buy Sell
Handsome Ugly Other Same
Affirmative Negative Ancient Modern
Female Male Extreme Moderate
Arrest Free Abundance Lack
Domestic Foreign Compliment Insult
Entrance Exit Emigration Immigration
Birth Death Include Exclude
Interrupt Continue Difficult Easy
Changeable Constant Dawn Dusk
Hot Cold High Deep
Delicious Awful Forbid Allow

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