Past Perfect Continuous Tense in Urdu, Examples and Structure

Past Perfect Continuous Tense
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Past Perfect Continuous Tense in English and Urdu with Example Sentences! The Past Perfect Continuous Tense is used to depict acts that started in the past and are still going on. The Past Continuous and Past Perfect tenses are not to be confused with Pat Continuous Tense since actions in those tenses begin and progress for a period of time in Pat Continuous Tense. Actions begin in the Past Perfect Tense and end in the Present Perfect Tense. So, in the Past Perfect Continuous Tense, we talk about actions that started in the past but were finished and are currently ongoing.

The important element to remember is that there will be a period or point of time mentioned in the sentences. These sentences contain a time reference, a period of time, or a specific point in time. As a result, we must use the words SINCE and FOR in these statements.

‘The use of Since and For is quite simple to learn and apply. SINCE will be used when the Period of Time is supplied (1985, morning, evening), and FOR will be used when the Point of Time is given (one hour, ten years, two months).

Past Perfect Continuous Tense in Urdu

Simple(+Ve) Sentences

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Positive Sentences. Positive Past Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences are straightforward to construct. We must first include a subject, then an assisting verb with the fourth(v1+ing) form of the verb, and, last but not least, an object, followed by a time reference. The following is the word order for simple Past Perfect Continuous Tense sentences.

Structure: S + H.V (had been)+ V1-ing +  O + since/for + time

بچہ صبح سے بری طرح رو رہا تھا Baby had been weeping bitterly for an hour
لڑکے صبح سے میدان میں کھیل رہے تھے Boys had been playing in the ground since morning
اچھے شہری اپبے قومی ہیروز کو خراج تحسین پیش کرتے رہے تھے Good citizens had been paying tribute to the National Heroes
وہ سات بجے سے گھر کی صفائی کر رہا تھا He had been cleaning house since 7 o’clock
رحمدل لوگ غریبوں پر ترس کھاتے رہے تھے Kind-hearted people had been taking pity on poor
میری امی ایک گھٹے سے روٹیاں بنا رہی تھیں My mother had been making bread for an hour
ہمارے دوست ہمارے پاس آتے رہے تھے Our friends have often been visiting us
امیر غریبوں کا مزاق اڑاتے رہے تھے Rich had been making fun of poor
طلباء کمرہ امتحان میں دو گھنٹے سے باتیں کر رہے تھے Students had been talking in examination hall for an hour
وہ دوسروں کو دھوکہ دیتے رہے تھے They had been deceiving others
وہ صبح سے دشمن کا مقابلہ کررہےتھے They had been fighting against the enemy since morning.
وہ دو دن سے سفر کر رہے تھے They had been travelling for two days
وہ تمہیں بیوقوف بنانے کی کوشش کرتے رہے تھے They had been trying to make fool of you
ہم اس گھر میں بہت عرصے سے رہ رہے تھے We had been living in this house for many years
ہم یہاں دس سال سے پڑھا رہے تھے We had been teaching here since ten years

Past Perfect Continuous Tense examples

Negative (-Ve) Sentences

Negative sentences have the same sentence structure as positive sentences. Only one change is required: the insertion of NOT. The rest of the structure will remain the same. Because of the label “Negative,” the only alteration we need to make is the addition of NOT. The following is the word order:

Structure: S + H.V (had not been) + V1-ing +  O + since/for + time

امیرغریبوں کی مدد نہیں کرتے رہے تھے Rich had not been helping the poor
بچے صبح سے قومی ترانہ نہیں گا رہے تھے Children had not been reciting the National Anthem since morning
بیوقوف بچے بچپن سے والدین کا حکم نہیں مانتے رہے تھے Foolish children had not been obeying their children since childhood
پرنسپل ایک گھنٹے سے طلباء سے خطاب نہیں کررہے تھے Principle had not been addressing the students for an hour
شہری ایک گھنٹے سے مہنگائی کے خلاف احتبجاج نہیں کر رہے تھے Citizens had not been protesting against  dearness  for an hour
صبح سے موسلادھار بارش نہیں ہو رہی تھی It had not been raining heavily since morning
صدر دو گھنٹے سے قوم سے خطاب نہیں کر رہا تھا The President had not been addressing the nation for two hours
لڑکی ایک گھنٹے سے پھول نہیں توڑ رہی تھی Girl had not been picking up flowers for one hour
ہم ایک عرصے سے نئے بیجوں پر تحقئق نہیں کررہے تھے We had not been making research in new seeds since a long time
وہ ایک عرصے سے اپنے افسر کی خوشامد نہیں کر رہے تھے They had not been flattering their officer since a long time
وہ بارش سے لطف اندوز نہیں ہوتا رہا تھا He had not been enjoying the rain
وہ یہاں اکثر نہیں آتا رہا تھا He had not often been coming here
وہ یہاں نہیں آتے رہے تھے They had not been coming here

Past Perfect Continuous Tense examples

Interrogative (?) Sentences

Inverting the subject and assisting verbs creates interrogative sentences. The assisting verb is inserted at the beginning of the sentence in interrogative phrases. We call a statement interrogative when the assisting verb is put before the subject. The following is the structure of interrogative phrases in the Past Perfect Continuous Tense:

Structure: H.V + S + V1-ing +  O + since/for + time

کیا اکرم دو سال سے کپڑوں کا کاروبار کررہا تھا؟ Had Akram been dealing in clothes since for two years?
کیا بچے صبح سے تالاب میں نہا رہے تھے؟ Had the children been taking bath in pond since morning?
کیا پروفیسر ایک گھنٹے سے پڑھا رہے تھے؟ Had the professor been teaching for an hour?
کیا جہاز دو گھنٹے سے اڑرہا تھا؟ Had the plane been flying for two hours?
کیا ڈاکو ایک لمبے عرصے سے مسافروں کو لوٹ رہے تھے؟ Had the robbers been robbing the passengers since a long time?
کیا ذخیرہ اندوز اپنے ہم وطنوں کا کا گلہ کاٹتے رہے تھے؟ Had the hoarders been cutting throat of their fellow country-men?
کیا طلباء صبح سے تقاریر کررہے تھے؟ Had the students been delivering speech since morning?
کیا علی دو سال سے کمپیوٹر چلانا سیکھ رہا تھا؟ Had Ali been learning computer for two hours?
کیا کسان صبح سے ہل چلا رہے تھے؟ Had the farmers been ploughing since morning?
کیا میزابن دو گھنٹے سے مہمانوں کی خاطر تواضع کرتا رہا تھا؟ Had the host been entertaining the guests for two hours?
کیا میکینک دو گھنٹےسے کا ر کی مرمت کر رہاتھا؟ Had the mechanic been repairing the car for two hours?
کیا وہ جوانی سے اچھے کام کرتے رپے تھے؟ Had they been doing good deeds since bloom of youth?
کیا وہ دو سال سے یورپی ممالک کی سیر کرتا رہا تھا؟ Had he been visiting the European Countries for two years?
کیا وہ دو گھنٹے سے زندگی موت کی کشمکش میں رہا تھا؟ Had he been fighting with death for two hours?
وہ ایک عرصے سے سیگریٹ نوشی کیوں کر رہا تھا؟ Why had he been smoking since a long time?

Past Perfect Continuous Tense examples

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