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Planet Names in English and Urdu

Planet Names in Urdu
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Planet Names in English and Urdu! Have you ever stopped to think about the different names for planets in English and Urdu? In this blog post, we take a look at some of the most common planet names and their translations into Urdu. Keep reading to learn more!

Planet Names in Urdu

Urdu English Roman
زحل Saturn Zuhal
یورینس Uranus Yooreinus
زہرہ Venus Zuhra
عطارد Mercury Ataarad
مشتری Jupiter Mishtari
نیپچون Neptune Nepchoon
زمین Earth Zamin
مریخ Mars Mirreekh

The five dwarf planets in Urdu are:

English Urdu Roman
Ceres سيريس Seereess
Pluto پلوٹو Pluʈo
Haumea هاوميا Howmia
Makemake ماكيماكي Makimaki
Eris إريس Ireess

Planet Names and Pictures

English Urdu Picture
Earth زمین earth
Jupiter مشتری Jupiter
Mars مریخ Mars
Mercury عطارد Mercury
Neptune نیپچون Neptune
Saturn زحل Saturn
Uranus یورینس Uranus
Venus زہرہ Venus

Beautiful Planet Names (Infographics)

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