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Plants and Flowers Names in English and Urdu

Plants Flowers Names
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Plants and Flowers Names in English and Urdu

What could be more beautiful than a stunning array of brightly colored flowers or lush green plants in your garden? While many people may assume that the names of plants and flowers are universal, this is not always the case. In fact, there are many plants and flowers whose names differ depending on which language you are speaking.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of these plant and flower names in both English and Urdu. So whether you are a gardener looking to broaden your knowledge, or simply interested in learning more about two different languages, read on!

Flower Names List

Sunflower سورج مکھی
Sweet violet بنفشہ
Bluebell جنگلی سنبل
Dahlia دہلیہ
Oleander کنیر گل
Primrose بسنتی گلاب
Lotus کنول
Cockscomb گل کلغی
Lady of the Night رات کی رانی
Cobra Saffron حننل
Cannabis بھنگ
Saffron زعفرا ن
Rose گلاب
Datura دھتوره
Tulip گل لالہ
Blue Water Lily نیل کمل
Dandelion گل قاصدی
Lily سوسن
Golden Champa سنہری چمپا
Narcissus نرگس
Calendula گیندا پھول
China Rose چینی گلاب
Periwinkle رتن جوت
Daffodil نرگس آبی
Lilac گل یاس
Jasmine چنبیلی
Arabian Jasmine عرب چنبیلی
Buttercups گل اشرفی
Daisy گل بہار
Marigold گیندا

 Plants Names List

Oak شاہ بلوط
Teak ساگوان
Cyprus سرو
Sandal صندل
Aloes گھیکوار
Shoot کونپل
Branch شاخ
Abony انبوس
Bough ٹہنی
Poplar چنار،سفیدا
Linseed السی
Creep بیل
Root جڑ
Thorn کانٹا
Banyan بڑکا درخت
Pine صنوبر
Field کھیت
Tree درخت
Bamboo بانس
Flower پھول
Sisso شیشم
Flax سن
Wood لکڑی
Bush جھاڑی
Barley جو
Plant پودا
Acacia کیکر
Grass گھاس
Fibre ریشہ
Bark چھال


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