Prefixes and Suffixes | 300+ Examples in English and Urdu

common prefixes and suffixes
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Prefixes and Suffixes | 300+ Examples in English and Urdu

We must first understand Affixes before moving on to Prefixes and Suffixes. What exactly are affixes? You can simply study Prefixes and Suffixes after you understand Affixes.

What are Affixes?

Affixes are letters or groups of letters that are added to the end of a root word to change its meaning. These affixes can be applied to the beginning or end of a word. They are called Prefixes when they are inserted at the beginning of a root word and Suffixes when they are added at the end of a root word. As an example,

Ir + responsible  →  irresponsible

Cool + er  →  cooler

We’re utilising two affixes in this example

one is “ir” and the other is “er.” BecaUsing “ir” appears at the start of a word

it is referred to as a prefix.” BecaUsing “er” appears at the end of a word

it is referred to as a Suffix. As a result of the preceding debate

we discovered that affixes are divided into two categories: prefixes and suffixes. Affixes are divided into prefixes and suffixes.


Prefixes are letters or groups of letters added to the beginning of a root word to change its meaning.


Suffixes are letters or groups of letters added to the end of a root word to modify its meaning.

Nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs are formed using prefixes and suffixes. Prefixes and Suffixes will be covered in depth in this session, along with 300+ examples.

common prefixes and suffixes list

uses of suffixes in english

uses of prefixes

A List of Prefixes

up under Un tri
sub re pro pre
over out mis ir
inter in im il
fore extra ex dis
de co bi be
auto anti ante  

A List of Suffixes

Y ship S ness
ly less  ish ion
ing hood ful est
es er ed dom
d age    


Uses of Prefixes

Using Prefix UN
un + wise  →  unwise
un + pack – unpack
un + kind  →  unkind
un + d0  →  undo
Using Prefix DIS
Dis + like  →  dislike
Dis + honour  →  dishonor
Dis + agree  →  disagree
Using Prefix DE
De + grade  →  degrade
De + form  →  deform
De + forest  →  deforest
Using Prefix IM
M + proper  →  improper
Im + possible  →  impossible
Im + mortal  →  immortal
Using Prefix PRE
Pre + mature  →  premature
Pre + fix  →  prefix
Pre + caution
Using Prefix RE
Re + gain  →  regain
Re + collect  →  recollect
Re + call  →  recall
Using Prefix IR
Ir + responsible  →  irresponsible
Ir + relevant  →  irrelevant
Ir + regular  →  irregular
Using Prefix IN
In + sane  →  insane
In + door  →  indoor
In + direct
Using Prefix Ill
Ill + literate  →  illiterate
Ill + legible  →  illegible
Ill + legal  →  illegal
Using Prefix EN
En + root  →  enroot
En + rich  →  enrich
En + able  →  enable
Using Prefix MIS
Mis + Using  →  misUsing
Mis + take  →  mistake
Mis + conduct  →  misconduct
Using Prefix AUTO
Auto + mobile  →  automobile
Auto + biography  →  autobiography
Auot + cracy  →  autocracy
Using Prefix ETXRA
Extra + ordinary  →  extraordinary
Extra + galactic  →  extragalactic
Extra + cellular  →  extracellular
Using Prefix BE
Be + yound  →  beyond
Be + long  →  belong
Be + caUsing  →  becaUsing
Using Prefix BI
Bi + lingual  →  bilingual
Bi + cycle  →  bicycle
Bi + annual  →  biannual
Bi + angular  →  biangular
Using Prefix EX
Ex + clude  → exclude
Ex + manager  →  exmanager
Ex + player  →  exminister
Using Prefix CO
Co + worker  →  coworker
Co + pilot  →  copilot
Co + operate  →  cooperate
Using Prefix INTER
Inter + racial  →  interracial
Inter + national  →  international
Inter + class
Using Prefix TRI
Tri + pod  →  tripod
Tri + cycle  →  tricycle
Tri + angle  →  triangle
Using Prefix SUB
Sub + stanstial  →  substantial
Sub + marine  →  submarine
Sub + inspector  →  subinspector
Using Prefix ANTI
Anti + social
Anti + narcotics  →  antinarcotics
Anti + government  →  antigovernment
Using Prefix UNDER
Under + stand  →  understand
Under + pressure  →  underpressure
Under + ground  →  underground
Using Prefix UP
Up + force  →  upforce
Up + lift  →  uplift
Up + work  →  Upwork
Using Prefix OUT
Out + burst  →  outburst
Out + going  →  outgoing
Out + standing  →  outstanding
Using Prefix OVER
Over + crowd  →  overcrowd
Over + time  →  overtime
Over + work  →  work
Using Prefix FORE
Fore + father  →  forefather
Fore + see  →  foresee
Fore + shadow  →  foreshadow


Uses of Suffixes

Using Suffix S
Cat + s  →  cats
Cow + s  →  cows
Laptop + s  →  laptops
Using Suffix ES
Box + s  →  boxes
Loss + es  →  losses
Mango + es  →  mangoes
Rich + es  →  riches
Using Suffix D
Dare + d  →  dared
Face + d  →  faced
Prove + d  →  proved
Using Suffix ED
Play+ ed  →  played
Talk + ed  →  talked
Work + ed   →  worked
Using Suffix EN
Beat + en  →  beaten
Fast + en  →  fasten
Strength + en  →  strengthen
Using Suffix ING
Do + ing  →  doing
Eat + ing  →  eating
Work + ing  →  working
Using Suffix Y
Dirt + y  →  dirty
Silk + y  →  silky
Water + y  →  watery
Using Suffix LY
Honest + ly  →  honestly
 Slow + ly  →  slowly
Soft + ly  →  softly
Using Suffix ER
Work + er  →  worker
Teach + er  →  teacher
Small + er  →  smaller
Using Suffix EST
Tall + est  →  tallest
Small + est  →  smallest
Big + est  →  biggest
Using Suffix ISH
Fool + ish  →  foolish
Cold + ish  →  coldish
Child + ish  →  childish
Using Suffix FULL
Harm + full  →  harmful
Care + full  →  careful
Beauty + beautiful


Another List of Prefixes and Suffixes


Prefixes Suffixes 
Misjudge Stronger
Disown Joyous
Impure Wooden
Unusual Softness
Antisocial Loudly
Prepaid Direction
Explode Delightful
Incorrect Restless
Proactive Reversible
Defrost Believable

Formation of Prefixes

Prefix Word New word
Pre- view preview
Semi circle Semicircle
Pre view Preview
Post- after postwar
Im possible Impossible
semi- half semicircle
Non- without nonfat
Inter- between interact
ir relevant Irrelevant
Re think Rethink
Tri cycle Tricycle
Dis obey Disobey
Un- opposite unhappy
Un able Unable
Dis- not or removal disappear, dismount
Anti- against antinarcotics
In justice Injustice
Tri- three tricycle
Mis behave Misbehave

Formation of Suffixes

Word Suffix New word
Collect ion Collection
Kind ness Kindness
Hard en Harden
Hope ful Hopeful
Follow er Follower
Convert ible Convertible
Bad ly Badly
Beak able Breakable
Care less Careless
Enjoy ment Enjoyment


Some Suffixes with Meaning and Examples


Suffix Meaning Example 
-ful full of cheerful
-ness state of being heaviness
-en to do, made of, become fasten, woolen, strengthen
-fy the process of making into amplify
-able capable of being solvable
-ist profession artist
-holic one who is obsessed workaholic
-ment action or process of movement
-tion state or quality of attention
-less without motionless


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