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Relatives Names in English and Urdu

Relatives Names in Urdu
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Relatives Names in English and Urdu

The English and Urdu languages both have words for family relatives. The words are similar, but there are also some differences. In this blog post, we will discuss the different words for family relatives in each language. We will also provide translations of these words into the other language. We hope that this information is helpful to those who are learning one of these languages!

Relatives Names in Urdu

Family Members Urdu Names
Grandma  دادی / نانی
Twin  جڑوا
Bloodline  پیڑھی / خاندان
Dad  باپ
Ancestor  آباواجداد
Engagement  منگنی
Firstborn  پہلوٹھا
Maternal  ماں کی طرف کا
Clan  قبیلہ
Widow  بیوہ
Single  غیر شادی شُدہ
Family Tree  شجرہ نسب
Grandpa  دادا / نانا
Oldest  سب سے بڑا
youngest  سب سے چھوٹا
Widower  رنڈوا
Married  شادی شُدہ
Granny  نانی / دادی
Fiance  منگیتر عورت
Relative  رشتے دار
Marriage  شادی
Paternal  باپ کی طرف سے
Bride  دلہن
Relation  تعلق / رشتہ
Infant  شیر خوار بچہ
Mum / Mom  ماں
Groom  دولہا
Offspring  آل اولاد
Toddler  چھوٹا بچا جس نے گھومنا شرو کیا ہو
Fiancée  منگیتر مرد
Divorced  طلاق یافتہ


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