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road accident essay
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Road Accident Essay with Outline! Below is an essay of road accident for BA and FA, FSC. You can also download this essay in PDF.

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Road Accident


  1. What is an accident ?
  2. The frequency of road accidents.
  3. Their causes:
    • Negligence and incompetence of drivers.
    • Over speeding.
    • Competition among buses.
    • System of issuing driving
    • Licenses
    • Overabundance of route permits and their impact on traffic.
    • The narrowness and unsuitable condition of roads.

The Essay:

“An accident is something that happens unexpectedly to hurt a person.” If you hit somebody and he hits you back and hurts you that is not an accident because you should have expected it. But if you climb a ladder, and the ladder somehow slips or gives way, and with that you, too, fall down and hurt yourself that is an accident because you did not expect it, otherwise you would not have climbed up it.

Every year millions of people fall a prey to accidents. In the United States alone nearly 115,000 persons are killed and almost a hundred times of that are hurt in accidents every year. The biggest number of those who are killed, about 55,000, die in road accidents of one kind or another.

In Pakistan, though no authentic figures are available, the situation is not very different; on closer examination we will find it even grimmer The number of accidents that are daily reported in the Press or on the TV and Radio, is enough to convince you that our roads have become veritable death traps for us.

In the occurrence of road accidents the negligence of human beings plays a major part in Pakistan. Most of the drivers are either illiterate or incompetent or both. Many of them drive their vehicles without licenses or on fake licenses. The number of institutions where training in driving could be imparted is negligible. A law, which makes it incumbent on the owners of commercial vehicles to provide retiring rooms for drivers and to get work out of them for a fixed number of hours, does exist on paper, but it is seldom put into practice.

Most of the drivers drive their vehicles over distances of two hundred and fifty miles. They work for long hours. This saps their energies and they become addicts of intoxicants and narcotics. The cumulative effect of all these things is that their senses of perception and judgement are impaired and they cause accidents.

Most of the road accidents occur either due to negligence or over speeding of vehicles. But drivers alone are not to blame for them. Their root-cause is the system of issuing route permits. At present anyone who can afford to buy a bus is automatically entitled to the route permit. Route permits are issued without ascertaining how many buses can be safely plied on a certain route. The excessive and indiscriminate issuance of route permits causes over speeding because the buses are innumerable and the competition among them is very hard.

Many of the road accidents can be averted if the traffic police worked conscientiously and exercised due vigilance. At present the traffic in cities is controlled by the traffic police. The highways are patrolled by mobile traffic staff. The district police, too, have their say.

Mostly they compete themselves in challenging and fining drivers. Challans and fines may produce temporary results, but they do not provide permanent cure. It is the duty of the traffic police that they take steps to inculcate traffic sense among the general public. The present practice of drawing staff for traffic police from the, general cadre of police department must be stopped forthwith. A separate cadre of traffic police

Maybe created. This will make them more responsible; they will feel themselves accountable to the public, and the ‘ will no longer perform their duties as perfunctorily as they do at present because they know that at the end of their tenure they will revert ‘ their parent department and nobody will take them to task.

The condition of most of the roads and highways is really deplorable. They are not wide enough to accommodate the vehicular traffic the volume of which is rapidly increasing. The material used in their construction and repair is usually sub-standard. The process of breaking starts sooner than expected. The roads also play a major role in causing accidents.

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