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Shapes Name in English and Urdu

Shapes Name in Urdu
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Shapes Name in English and Urdu

Are you looking for the shapes name in Urdu? Here, you will find a complete list of shapes name with their meanings in Urdu. This list is perfect for parents who want to teach their children about different shapes in a fun and easy way. So, don’t wait any longer and take a look at this list now!

Shapes Name in Urdu

Shape Name Urdu Name Roman Urdu
Diamond ہیرا Heera
Heptagon ہفت پہلو Haft Pehlu
Semicircle نیم دائرہ Neem Daairah
Cube مکعب Mukaab
Hexagon مسّدس masadas
Rectangle مستطیل mastatil
Square مربع / چوکور maraba / chakor
Pentagon مخمس makhmas
Octagon مثمن Mosamman
Triangle مثلث / تَکون masllas / tikon
Sphere کُرہ Kurrah
Cone شنک Shank
Star ستارہ Sitarah
Heart دل Dil
Circle دائرہ daira
Nonagon پاش Paash
Oval بیضوی bezvi
Pyramid اہرام Ahraam
Cylinder اسطوانہ Ustawanah



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