Star Names With Months

Star Names in Urdu
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Star Names With Months! According to modern-day astronomy, there are 88 official constellations. Each constellation is made up of stars that have specific assigned Bayer designations, which help identify them. These designations consist of a letter followed by a number (e.g., Alpha Centauri). In addition to their Bayer designations, each star has an Arabic name.  The star names with their corresponding months are listed below.

Star Names in Urdu

Capricorn جدی Dec 23 – Jan 19
Aquarius دلو Jan 20 – Feb 18
Pisces حوت Feb 19 – Mar 20
Aries حمل Mar 21 – Apr 19
Taurus ثور Apr 20 – May 20
Gemini جوزا May 21 – Jun 21
Cancer سرطان Jun 22 – Jul 22
Leo اسد Jul 23 – Aug 22
Virgo سنبلہ Aug 23 – Sep 22
Libra میزا Sep 23 – Oct 22

Names of Stars is Urdu English (Infographics)

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