Steps to Learn English Fast

7 Steps to Learn English Fast and Easy

Steps to Learn English Fast! English is an international language and is spoken in more than 80 countries around worldwide. It is the reason everyone loves to learn and speak it. But if your native language is different then you have to spend a lot of time learning and speak fluently with the proper accent. Normally every third person can listen and quickly understand English but faces difficulty while speaking. Here I will tell you basic, easy, and quick 7 steps to speak English Fluently.

Everyone wants to improve their accent but no one wants to spend time improving pronunciation. Only a few focus on their pronunciation and speak fluently. Because pronunciation is the main thing that helps us to improve our fluency but remembers that only pronunciation is not enough that helps in fluency your collection of words also matters a lot. Here, I have designed a complete English spoken course.

If you follow these drills on regular basis you can speak English within a couple of weeks.

1. Pronunciation of Alphabets

The very first step starts with the pronunciation of alphabets. The correct pronunciation of alphabets is given below. Learn and then try to speak each alphabet one by one at least 15 times. If you have completed this exercise for all alphabets. Now Search on Google “Correct pronunciation of alphabet A”. And compare your own pronunciation with it. If your pronunciation of alphabets is the same then it’s good otherwise find out your mistake and pronounce it in the right way. Repeat this procedure for all the alphabets.

Perform this drill for half an hour daily. And repeat it until you get flow in your pronunciation. After performing this drill you will feel a positive changing in your accent and you will realize that you have crossed the first barrier in spoken English Monster.

Steps to Learn English Fast

2. Collecting and Pronunciation of words

After having good command on the first drill you have to collect some daily use vocabulary words and try to memorize them one by one with the correct pronunciation. Learn 5000+ vocabulary words. This drill contains the collection of confusing words, homophones, homonyms, synonyms, antonyms, formal and informal vocabulary words.

Once again google your words to check the correct pronunciation and repeat 10 times. If your pronunciation is perfect then you can move towards the next drill otherwise spend 2 or more weeks collecting and improving the pronunciation of words.

After completing this drill you have conquered the battlefield.

3. Silent letters

After completing the first two drills now you have an outstanding collection and pronunciation of vocabulary words. Now you have to learn how to and where to silent letters in English. Moreover, you can memorize or learn some commonly used silent letters. This is an important lesson in the speaking course. As we encounter a lot of words in which silent letters are used. Silent letters are the letters that are written but not spoken.

This drill also improves your vocabulary and pronunciation.

4. Making phrases and sentences

Now you are able to make basic phrases or sentences. Use your vocabulary words to make phrases and try to speak with proper pronunciation in fluency. If you are facing any kind of trouble in making English phrases then there are two options for you to complete this drill. Option one is to learn tenses and then perform this drill. I would like to prefer that you should learn tenses. But if you don’t have time you can memorize daily use sentences and then follow this drill.

After completing these 4 drills you are able to speak English with any person but if you want to get more fluency and want to speak English Faster, then you should follow the next three drills too.

5. Watching English Movies and Documentaries

Try to watch movies and documentaries it will help you to understand and improve your vocabulary collection. While watching movies try to focus on contractions used in conversation or slang words. These are normally spoken in the native language. You can learn Contractions and Slang words and can use them in your conversation but it is not compulsory it’s up to you. If you want to look like native speakers you can learn these topics and add them to your drill. The same drill will be applied to all kinds of vocabulary words or phrases. You have to learn and memorize first and then pronounce it.

Steps to Learn English Fast

6. Practice in front of the mirror

This drill is used to improve your speaking confidence and finding out your mistakes. Make it your hobby to speak in front of the mirror. By practicing this drill you will feel a great change in your English Fluency. Mirror boosts your confidence as it is not a person who can demotivate you rather it motivates you and say only four words “you can do it”.

But remember one thing you have to focus on your mistakes and make them correct. Mirror also helps you to analyze and improve your body language.

7. Speaking with partner

It is obvious that a player cannot perform well until he gets the confidence to play on the ground. It happens only when he jumps to the ground. The same situation is there you cannot speak English Fluently with others until you speak with a person. So, find out a buddy and talk with him/her in English. If you found a buddy who also wants to improve English he/she will prove a diamond for you and give you keen interest and will find out your mistakes.