Stone Names in English and Urdu

Stone Names in English
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Stone Names in English and Urdu! In this blog post, we will take a look at the names of stones in English and Urdu. We will start with the English words for different types of stones, and then we will provide the corresponding Urdu words. We hope that you find this information useful!

What is a stone?

A stone is a natural material that is found in the earth. Stones are used for a variety of purposes, including building homes, making jewelry, and creating art.

Stone Names in Urdu

There are many different types of stones, and each type has a different name. The following is a list of some of the most common types of stones and their English names:

Zircon زرقون
Turquoise فیروز
Pearl موتی
Tourmaline ترمری
Aqeeq عقيق
Ruby یاقوت
Coral مرجان
Emerald زمرد
Moonstone دُرِ نجف
Diamond ہیرا
Yellow Sapphire پکھراج
Opal اوپل
Sapphire نیلمنی
Topaz پکھراج
Onyx سلیمانی پتھر

Stone Names in English and Urdu (Infographics)

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