Stylish Names in Urdu and Meaning

Stylish Names in Urdu and Meaning

As speakers of Urdu, one of the most commonly spoken South Asian languages, we often come across amusing and strange names for friends. In this post, we explore some funny names for friends in Urdu. Keep reading to learn more!

Laila لیلیٰ
Izhan ازہان
Esha ایشاء
Aun عون
Ishbah عشبہ
Zimal زمل
Kaab کعب
Noah نوح
Zohan زوہان
Shozab شوزب
Amal عمل
Ilsa الساء
Zaheeb زاہیب
Innama انامہ
Ureed یُورید
Kiyan کیان
Manahil مناہل
John جون
Askary عسکرے
Amayra عمائرہ



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