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Tools and Weapons Vocabulary | 200 Vocabulary Words

Tools and Weapons Vocabulary words list with pictures
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Tools and Weapons Vocabulary | 200 Vocabulary Words

Here is the list of tools and weapons vocabulary words that are used in our daily life when we have to discuss about war, military or other such things. This vocabulary is very important and useful for kids, and all level of English learners, because on international platforms we have to listen these vocabulary words. At that time we should have an idea about the meanings of that words.

70+ Tool and Weapons Vocabulary words list for the beginners to learn daily used tools in English and Urdu. Tools and weapon vocabulary words are explained with their Urdu meanings. This is very useful lesson.

What is tool? An instrument that is used to perform some task is known as tool it can be of any kind.

What are weapons? All of us are familiar with the term weapons because we are listening these words since our childhood but here we will learn the advanced weapons names with pictures.

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Tools and weapons Vocabulary words list

Tools and Weapons Vocabulary

Tool,weapons and Equipment Vocabulary

Lever وزن اٹھانے والا
Needle سوئی
Sword تلوار
Anvil آہرن
Thimble انگشتاتہ
Dibble کھمبا
Bow کمان
Prong کانٹا
Sabre تلوار
Hammer ہتھوڑا
Bead Plane گول رندا
Last فرما
Spinning Wheel چرخہ
Solder ٹانکے لگانے کا آلہ
Pestle ہاون دستہ
Tongs چمٹا
Quiver ترکش
Blower پھکنی
Spear نیزہ
Shield ڈھال
Hilt دستہ
Bullet بندوق کی گولی
Gun بندوق
Plough ہل
Tweezer موچنا
Nut-Cracker سروتا
Barrow ریڑھی
Mortar کھرل،اوکھلی
Tape فیتہ
Plane رندہ
Auger برما
Vice بانک
Cartridge کارتوس
Dagger خنجر
Pliers پلاس
Rudder پتوار
Scissors قینچی
Whet Stone سان
Lathe خراد مشین
Oar چپو
Arrow تیر
Scythe کھرپہ
Axe کلہاڑا
Forge دھونکنی
Gun Powder بارود
Saw آرا
Grindstone سان
Armour زرہ بکتر
Sickle درانتی
Rasp خاردارریتی
Drill برما
Loom کھڈی
Compass قطب نما
Spirit Level ڈھلان ماپنے کا آلہ
Spindle تکلا
Hoe بیلچہ
Spade کدال
File ریتی
Bellows دھونکنی
Screw Driver پیچ کس
Handsaw آری
Harness گھوڑے کا ساز
Canon توپ
Spanner پیچ کھولنے کا آلہ
Screw پیچ
Lance برچھی
Scabbard نیام
Axle دھرا
Chisel چھینی
Furnace بھٹی
Razor استرا


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