Unique Girls Names With C

Unique Girls Names With C
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Unique Girls Names With C

There are many different ways to name a baby, and each culture has its own set of traditions and naming conventions. In Pakistan, Muslim families often choose names for their children that have religious significance. Here is a list of some unique girl names in Pakistan that have Muslim origins.

کیلی Cailie Beloved.
چیسی Cheesi Beautiful
چان Chaan Lover
چنچل Chanchal Active
چاند بی بی Chand Bi Bi Like The Moon
کرنا Carna Horn.
کمل Cemal Beauty.
چشمہ Chashmah Eyeglasses
چشیدہ Chushida Experienced
چیری Cheeri Maid, Female Servant
چراغ بی بی Chiragh bibi Bright woman
چلیپا Chalipa Cross
چہر زاد Chehr Zad Beautiful, Gorgeous
چمکیلی Chamkili Flashes
چندا Chandaa Moon
چاند Chaand The Moon.
چمکی Chamki Star
چمپا Champa A Flower
چانی Chani Beloved, Darling, Dear
چرابہ Charabah Cream
سیلان Ceylan An Antelope
چاشین Chaashin Sweet
چراہہ Charaahah Kiss
چہر زاد Chahr Zad Most Beautiful
چندین Chandin More
چندا Chandda Moon-Like
چہرازاد Chehrazad Another Name Of Humaai
کیریہ Caria She who flows like a water
چمنیا Chamnia Yellow Flowers
سیڈا Ceyda A beautiful woman
چمنیا Chameniyaa The Name Of A Flower
چشمہ Chashma Glasses
کیلی Caylie Beloved
چاشنی Chaashni Sweet
ساتلين Caitlyn Pure beauty
چائماصہ Chaimaasah Ghazal
شمس Chamis Sun
چاغامہ Chaghama Qaseeda, Folk
چنبیلی Chanbeli The Name Of A Flower
شافيا Chafia look after
چمنیا Chamnia Yellow Flowers
چمن آرا Chaman ara The Beauty Of The Garden
چمپا Champaa The Name Of A Flower
چاک Chaak Lover
چاند Chand Moon
چندرا Chandraa Beautiful
چاندی Chaandi A Metal Name
چاشنی Chashni Sweet Thing
چودس Chodass Fourteenth
کنترا Cantara Small Bridge.
چمن آراء Chaman Aara Decorator
چاندنی Chandni Moonlight
سنتر Cantar small bridge
چھور Chhoor The Edge
چندرا Chandra Beautiful As The Moon
چشیدہ Chasheedah Experienced
چیسی Cheesy Power
چمیر Chameer Round
مشال Chandani A river of moon light
چہرہ خیز Chahra Khaz Bright
چشمی Chashmi Viewer
چندا Chanda Bright Or Fierce
چندین Chandeen Much, Many
چوج Chouj sophistication, beauty
کلہ Calah Favorable, opportunity
چینا بیگم Cheena Begum Drug
چرابہ Charaabah End
چہرہ خیز Chehra Khaiz Bright
چیسی Chessy At Peace
چیولی Cheoli Silk Cloth
چیریں Chereen Variant of Cherie Dear one
چہرہ زادی Chehrazadi Good Face
چہرزاد Chehrzaad Beautiful
کیرا Cyra Sun Or Throne
چنا Chana Gracious
چہرہ Chehra Bright
چودانی Chodaani Jewelery
کاریمہ Cariman Merciful And Gracious Woman
چہرہ خیز Chehra Khez Bright, Shining
کارمہ Carma Honouring
چاندی Chandii White Sheet
چاشین Chasheen Sweetness
چہرہ کشا Chehra Kusha Artist
شفيقة Chafika to tend
چراغ بی بی Chiragh Bi Bi As Bright As The Moon
کالا Cala Castle
چمکیلی Chamkeeli Bright
چیولی Cheeoli Silk
کمیلہ Camilla Young ceremonial attendant
چشیدہ Chashida Was Tasted, Experienced
چوپہل Chopahal Lap
چاند بیبی Chaand Bibi Name Of A Famous Women
شاديا Chadia gracious
چاغامہ Chaghaamah Ghazal
شهرزاد Chahrazad sensitive
چہل Chehal Happy
کیلی Cailey Beloved.
چمبر Chamber Round
چنا Channaa Lover
چنداں Chandaan Example
چشمی Chasmi The eye
چاند بی بی Chand bibi A woman like the moon
چیسی Chesi Beautiful, Pretty
کلیانہ Caliana A Moorish Princess For Whom A Splendid Palace Was Built In Spain.
چاندنی Chaandani The Light Of Moon
چاشنی Chashinie Sweets, Sweet Item
چاندی Chandi white wrapper
چھاؤں Chhaon Shade
کرمین Carmen garden; song
چاند Chaandd Moon
چنچل Chenchal Naughty


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