Unique Girls Names With O

Unique Girls Names With O

There are many different ways to name a baby, and each culture has its own set of traditions and naming conventions. In Pakistan, Muslim families often choose names for their children that have religious significance. Here is a list of some unique girl names in Pakistan that have Muslim origins.

اوریل Orail Gold
امید Omeed Hope
قدوسیہ Oudsiyya Glorious
اوریل Oreel Shining
اوج Oaj High
اُمینا Omnia It’s A Latin Plural Of “All”
أرذل Orzala Brightness of Fire.
اوریل Orial Golden
اولی Olcay Champion
اوزرا Ozra Virgin
اونا Oonaa TRUE
ورکدہ Orkideh Orchid
اُما Oma Leader
اوزگل Ozgul Beautiful
امید Omid Hope
اودیرہ Oadira Powerful
عمر باکی Omar-baki Glow and happiness
امتہ Ommata Servant
اومارا Oamra The Moon.
أروي Orwiya Female mountain goat.
الیہ Olya Holy.
أذا Ozza A baby fawn


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