Unique Girls Names With V

Unique Girls Names With V
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Unique Girls Names With V

There are many different ways to name a baby, and each culture has its own set of traditions and naming conventions. In Pakistan, Muslim families often choose names for their children that have religious significance. Here is a list of some unique girl names in Pakistan that have Muslim origins.

ودھاﺀ Vadha Very White Skin
وشتی Vashti Lovely.
وییا Veeya Wealth
ویرونیکا Veronica One who brings victory
ویرینس Vernice Victory bringer
وصفیہ Vasfia Character, Virtue
واصیہ Vasia Female Leader
ففي Vafia Complete, Just
فرشة Varisha Lightning
فرضه Vardah Rose
وندا Vanda Wish, Desire
وشتی Vashtee Lovely.
ورقہ Varqah Give Advice
وقرالنساﺀ Vikar ul nisa Honour Women
ویگا Vega Falling Star.
وقار النساﺀ Viqar un nisa She Comfort


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