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Vegetables in Arabic with English and Urdu Translation | Arabic Vocabulary

Here we will learn the names of vegetables in English, Arabic and Urdu. As we know that when we learn a new language then to cover the basic vocabulary words is the first necessary condition. This one is very basic and useful lesson for all the learners.

In this lesson the names of vegetables are translated in different languages with their pictures that are helpful for kids and beginners to understand easily and memorise. After learning this lesson you will be able to translate and correctly pronounce the names of vegetables in Arabic, English and Urdu.

Note: You can Download PDF Book at the End of this lesson.

Vegetables in Arabic with English and Urdu

vegetables in arabic

Vegetables in Arabic with English and Urdu Translation

English Urdu Arabic
Okra بھنڈی بَامِیَا
bitter ground کریلا قَرْعٌ مُرٌّ،قِثَّاءُ الْحِمَارِ
Turnip شلجم لِفْتٌ
Cabbage بند گوبھی مَفلُوفٌ
Potato آلو بَطَاطَس،بَطَاطاً
Brinjal بینگن بَاذِنْجَانٌ
Onion پیاز بَصَلٌ
Radish مولی فُجْلٌ
Mint پودینا نَعْنَاعٌ
Lemon لیموں لَیمُونٌ
Cucumber کھیرا خِیَارٌ
Beans پھلیاں فَاصُولِیَا
Spinach پالک سَبَانَخٌ،سِلْکٌ
Green Chili مرچ فِلْفِلٌ
Carrot گاجر جَزَرٌ
Peas مٹر بَازِلَّاءُ
Coriander دھنیا کُزبُرَۃٌ
Ginger ادرک زَنجِیلٌ
Garlic لہسن ثُومٌ
Cauliflower پھول گوبھی قَرنَبِیطٌ
Pumpkin کدو دُبَّاءٌ
Beat چقندر شَمَنْدَرٌ
Tomato ٹماٹڑ طَمَاطَمُ


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