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Vehicles Name in English and Urdu

Vehicles Names in Urdu
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Vehicles Name in English and Urdu! In English, a vehicle is usually referred to as a car, truck, or van. In Urdu, the word for vehicular transportation is “jismeyaat.” Both languages have different terms for specific types of vehicles, depending on their size and function. This blog post will outline the names of various types of vehicles in both English and Urdu.

Vehicles Name in English

English Meaning In Urdu Pronunciation (Urdu)
Bus Stop بس سٹاپ Bus Stop
Taxi ٹیکسی Taxi
Bus بس Bus
Airport ہوائی اڈ Airport
Ship جہاز Jahaaz
Train Station سٹیشن Train Station
Auto Rickshaw اٹو Auto Rickshaw
Bus Station بس کا اڈا Bus Station
Airplane ہوائ جہاز Airplane
Rickshaw رکشہ Rickshaw
Train ٹرین، ریل گاڑی Train
Car گاڑی، کار Car


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