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Military Vocabulary, War Vocabulary Words List in English and Urdu

war vocabulary
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War Vocabulary Words List in English and Urdu, Military Vocabulary! The following is a collection of war vocabulary words in both English and Urdu. Words from the military lexicon. In both English and Urdu, military words are used.
For discussing various weaponry, there is a war vocabulary with Urdu and Hindi meanings. The meanings of war terminology in Urdu will undoubtedly assist you in learning everything there is to know about war, weapons, and the army.

100+ English War and Weapons Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings In this session, we’ll go over several key terms that are regularly used in combat. There are a variety of terminologies and weapon names that many pupils are unfamiliar with.

This lesson will assist you in learning the English words that are used to describe numerous historical and new weaponry. All of the words have been thoroughly explained by me, along with their correct definitions. I hope you learn something new as a result of it. Learn intriguing terms related to war and various weapons.

War Vocabulary | Military Vocabulary

War Vocabulary Words List in English and Urdu War Vocabulary Words List in English and Urdu

Fleet بحری بیڑا
Bayonet سنگین
Protracted war طویل جنگ
Truce عارضی صلح
Navy بحری فوج
Tank ٹینک
Dagger خنجر
Arms ہتھیار
Catapult غلیل
Shell گولہ

War Vocabulary Words List in English and Urdu

Jet لڑاکا طیارہ
Air forces ہوائی فوج
Causalities اموات
Shield ڈھال
Lancer نیزا
Air raid ہوائی حملہ
Bombardment بمباری
Gallantry بہادری
Raid چھاپہ مارنا
White flag صلح کا جھنڈا
Combustible آتش گیر
Spy جاسوس
Armed forces مسلح فوجیں
Missile میزائل
Gun powder بارود
Rifle بندوق
Cannon توپ
Aerodrome ہوائی اڈہ

War Vocabulary Words List in English and Urdu

Peace امن
Arrow تیر
Defense دفاع
Treaty عید نامہ
Muting بغاوت
Armored car بکتربند گاڑی
Sword تلوار
Crushing defeat شکست فاش
Foreign invasion بیرونی حملہ
Quiver ترکش
Besiege گاصرہ کرنا
United front متحدہ محاذ
War communique اعلان جنگ
Bomb بم
Radar ریڈار
Fort قلعہ
Torpedo آبدوز
Army بری فوج
Neutrality غیر جانبداری
Decisive war فیصلہ کن لڑائی
Gun بندوق

war vocabulary

Retreat پیچھے ہٹنا
Advancing forces پیش قدمی کرنے والی فوجیں
Bullet گولی
Periscope بالائین
Artillery توپ خانہ
Trench خندق
Evacuate علاقہ خالی کرنا
Infantry پیدل فوج
Air craft carrier طیارہ بردار جہاز
Cartridge کارتوس
Scabbard نیام
Pistol پستول
Troops فوجی دستے
Fighter plane لڑاکا جیاز
Battle field میدان جنگ
Submarine آبدوز
Conscription جبری بھرتی
Armor زرہ بکتر
Motor units متحرک دستے
Spear برچھی
Civil war خانہ جنگی
Mine سرنگ
Anti-aircraft طیارہ شکن توپ
Trigger بندوق کا گھوڑا

war vocabulary

Barrel بندوق کی نالی
Explosives پھٹنے والے مادے
Petrol boat گشتی کشتی
Bomber بمبار
Grenade دستی بم
With draw forces فوجیں ہٹا لینا
Reinforcement کمک
Ammunition اسلحہ
Magazine بارودخانہ
Cavalry گھڑسوار فوج
Siege محاصرہ
Repulse پسپاہونا،کرنا
Bow کمان
Guided missile نشانہ رس میزائل

war vocabulary

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