Ways To Teach English To Your Kid

5 Effective Ways To Teach English To Your Kid At Home

Learning any language is a difficult task, but what if we learn it as our mother language since childhood. If you are thinking to help your kid learn English in his childhood. You are a really smart person. Learning new things in childhood are very easy. You are speaking your mother language so fluently because you are speaking it since childhood. In the same way, when your kid starts speaking English from its childhood he will be very much fluent like native speakers after few years. I am going to give to 5 quick ways to teach English to your kid. There are multiple benefits of learning English as a kid. That’s why parents want to teach English to their kids since childhood. No doubt learning English from childhood give your children more exposure and confidence.

Researches show that learning a language since childhood has many benefits. It has a great impact on your mind and it gives flexibility to the mind of a kid, it helps in enhancing the memory of the kid and increasing the creativity level of the kid. It also helps in increasing the problem solving skills of the kids.

If your kid has a good English speaking accent he could have certain benefits, he would have better access to all the information on social media and the internet. No doubt English is the international language and teaching it will increase the number of job opportunities for your kid in the future and English language courses like IELTS and TOEFL will not be a hurdle in the flourishing future of your kid.

Coming towards the point, how to teach English to your kid at home, in this article, I am going to reveal 5 secrets about how to teach English to your kids at home.

A question arises, How to Teach English to Your Kids?

Ways To Teach English To Your Kid

5 Effective Ways To Teach English To Your Kid At Home

Teaching to kids is a real struggle and teaching a thing in which kids are not interested in the bigger trouble. Teaching to kids is totally non-conventional as kids do not like to sit in one place and also to repeat the same thing or activity again and again.

English grammar is again a boring thing to learn and teach. If you force your kid to learn these boring rules of grammar and vocabulary your kid may develop a language fear which will be again trouble.

So what is the way to teach a language to your kid? We have to adopt some interesting method of teaching, something unique, childish, and interesting. We have to find a solution that is unique, attractive, and a fun way to teach and learn.

I have a unique 5 step guide that will make learning English a fun job for your kid. So let us explore these 5 steps.

1. English Cartoons and Poems

This is the most working step. It is basically the listening practice of your kid. You can also use some English language songs instead of cartoons, rhymes, or poems.

Youtube has various cartoons available that are related to English learning. You just have to play video cartoons for your kid. He/she will start observing English on his/her own.

Listening is the best way to learn English. To adults, experts suggest watching English movies with subtitles for making their English speaking stronger and efficient, but for kids, cartoons are the best option.

To help kids analyze and learn different action verbs, some cartoon shows actions relative to action verbs, that is quite helpful for a kid learning English and understanding verbs.

2. English Learning Games

This is the very first step and we know that kids love to play games. So why not allow them to play language games.

Kids absorb things during their fun activities and that is why games are the best option, By engaging in games kids will absorb different grammar concepts without even a feel of learning a language.

Some of the best games to learn English are scrabble and Pictionary, both of these games are easily available on the play store.

3. Use Infographics

ESL blogs are putting them every effort to create useful infographics. You can use those infographics to help your kid learn English. You have to use beautiful colored infographics to make this activity interesting for your kid, as kids love bright colors.

This step is basically for the vocabulary building of your kid. You have to pick some colored infographics of Vegetables, animals, fruits, and so on.

What you have to do with these infographics is very simple and interesting. You have to play a game with your kid using colored infographics of vocabulary. Pick up an infographic and begin by pointing toward a picture and telling them what it is. Later ask them what it is or where it is.

Let me give you a simple example: Let me suppose for instance that you have picked up a vocabulary card/infographic, pointing out towards the tomato tell them this is a tomato, later when your kid start identifying ask him to tell you what it is or where it is.

4. Engage in role-play

If your kid is in school, that is the best opportunity you have. You can help your kid participate in the role-play. Role-play is basically to act or perform the part of the character of a story.

If school play is not possible due to some reason, no problem. This is where you will have to more punctual. You have to make a story (in English) with your child’s favorite cartoon character and help your child act it out in English.

Children love to play and dramas and that is why you can use their favorite activity as a tool to teach them English. Using this method of role-playing your kid will practice his English speaking which will improve his English speaking skills.

5. English Stories

Everything is done, but what about reading practice. Story reading is the best option to improve English reading skills. Children love stories and that is why we have selected this option.

Reading is a very important step in English language learning and becoming fluent in English. But it is a boring activity. You kid will get bored if he has to read different books of his course. Reading skills can only be improved by reading with focus and while reading a boring book your kid will have no focus and eventually he will stop reading.

So you can use the storybook of this favorite character to make reading English a fun activity for your kid.

best stories to learn english


I hope that after reading this article you can now help your kid learn English as a fun activity. You have to encourage your child at every step to increase his moral and confidence. Try to talk in English with your kid. In learning anything practice is the key. So make sure that your kid is practicing a lot. Talk about his different activities in English, this will help him to speak fluently about different aspects of life.