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Weekday Names in English and Urdu

Weekday Names in English
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Weekday Names in English and Urdu!

There are many different weekday names in English, but most people only use a few of them. In this blog post, we will discuss the different weekday names and their meanings. We will also provide examples of how these words can be used in sentences.

Weekday Names in Urdu

Day In Urdu Roman Urdu
Wednesday بدھ Bhudh
Saturday ہفتہ Haftah
Sunday اتوار Itwaar
Thursday جمعرات Jumayraat
Friday جمعه Jummah
Tuesday منگل Mangal
Monday پیر Peer


English In Urdu Roman Urdu
Today آج aj
Week ہفتہ hafta
This week اس ہفتے is haftay
Yesterday/Tomorrow کل kal
Month مہینہ mahina
Day after tomorrow پرسوں parsun
Year سال saal
the third day past today ترسوں tarsun
First day of the month یکم yakam




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