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100+ Winter Vocabulary List in English and Urdu

Winter Vocabulary
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Winter Vocabulary List in English and Urdu! In the winter, vocabulary words are employed. The following is a collection of winter vocabulary in English and Urdu. You can also get a PDF version of the book. You always want to expand your vocabulary as an English learner. In this lesson, we’ll look at a variety of winter-related English words, such as clothes, cuisines, and other items that will help you communicate in English throughout the colder months. You can download a pdf version of this lesson to review it.

Winter Vocabulary List in English and Urdu

Mittens گرم دستانے
Hat ٹوپی
Snowfall برفباری
Chimney چمنی
Socks جرابیں
Coat کوٹ
Runny nose بہتی ناک
Freezing جمنا
Skates اسکیٹس
Blanket کمبل
Icy cold برف کی طرح ٹھنڈا
Hail ژالہ باری
Muffler مفلر،گلوبند
Quilt رضائی،لحاف
Hooded coat ٹوپ دار کوٹ

Winter Vocabulary

Bask دھوپ سینکنا
Shiver کانپنا
Influenza زکام
Blizzard برفانی طوفان
Sled سلیج
Mattress گدا
Gloves دستانے
Woolen cap اونی ٹوپی
Fog دھند
Jacket جیکٹ
Scarf سکارف
Sweater سویٹر
Earmuff کنٹوپ
Shawl شال

Winter Vocabulary list Winter Vocabulary list

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