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Words to Describe Personality, Personality Adjectives

Personality Adjectives
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Personality Adjectives, Words to Describe Personality! Personality adjectives are a type of adjective that describes a person’s personality. A thorough list of words to describe someone in English with examples and pictures can be found here. If you’re telling someone about your grandmother and want to emphasise how nice she is, this is an excellent opportunity to employ personality adjectives. When describing someone’s personality in English, there are a number of excellent adjectives to choose from. It will not only expand your vocabulary, but it will also make it much easier for you to communicate about this topic.

Words to Describe Personality

Frank بے جهجهک
Proud مغرور
Obedient فرمانبردار
Warm-hearted گرم جوش
Disobedient نافرمان
Jealous حاسد
Stubborn ضدی
Cheeky گستاخ
Talkative باتونی
Cheerful خوشگوار
Lazy سست
Generous بے لوث

Words to Describe Personality

Sensitive حساس
Determined پُر عزم
Naughty شرارتی
Unpleasant ناخوشگوار
Bad-tempered بد مزاج
Imaginative تخیلاتی
Sociable ملنسار
Passionate پرجوش
Emotional جذباتی
Nice اچھا
Dishonest بے ایمان
Versatile ہر فن مولا – ہمہ گیر
Rude بد تمیز
Friendly دوستانہ
Selfish خود غرض
Funny مضحکہ خیز
Distracted بھٹکا ہوا

Words to Describe Personality

Optimistic پر امید
Worried پریشان
Humble عاجز
Anxious فکر مند
Sincere مخلص
Energetic چست/پھرتیلا
Persistent قائم رہنے والا
Calm پرسکون
Intelligent ذہین
Straightforward سیدھا سادھا
Fearless بے خوف
Placid ساکن – خاموش
Untidy بے ڈھنگا
Discreet عقلمند

Words to Describe Personality

Nervous گھبرایا ہوا
Crazy پاگل
Unfriendly غیر دوستانہ
Mean کمینہ
Enthusiastic پرجوش
Pessimistic مایوس
Shy شرمیلا
Helpful مددگار
Lively زندہ دل
Thoughtful سوچنے والا
Compassionate ہمدرد
Honest ایماندار
Silly بیوقوف

Words to Describe Personality Personality Adjectives

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